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Three Mistakes That Can Kill Your Career

When you first land a new job, you’re usually extra careful to mind you manners and go the extra lengths not to step on anyone’s toes. You want to simply fit in until you being to feel a bit more comfortable offering your opinion or suggesting innovative ideas. Over...

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Matt Erhard Named KidSport Winnipeg Chair

Winnipeg – Matt Erhard, Managing Partner of Summit Search Group, has been named chair of KidSport Winnipeg. In this position, Erhard will guide a volunteer committee that oversees planning and development of KidSport fundraising initiatives throughout the city. KidSport Winnipeg provides support to children in order to remove financial...

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Maximize Your Job Search Efforts

Many of us have experienced the uneasiness of moving to a new town or city and having to jump immediately into an extensive job hunt. The fact is that many of us find employment because of whom we know, not simply based on our individual merit alone. If you’ve...

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