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Executive Recruiting Trends for 2018 – And What’s Next

No matter what the state of the economy or how high or low the unemployment rate, businesses still face a significant challenge when recruiting executive talent. Even when the pool of available front-line workers rises, the talent pool for qualified executive candidates remains relatively small. There are only so...

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New Partner Announcement: Erica MacDonald

April 2018 Summit Search Group is pleased to announce that Erica MacDonald is now a Partner in the Atlantic Region. Erica has developed a strong appreciation of client needs and has an ability to relate to and service all segments of the business community. “For the past 7 ½ years,...

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Creating a Startup? Here’s How to Approach Recruitment

Creating a Startup? Here’s How to Approach Recruitment - Summit Search Group - Staffing Agency Alberta

There’s nothing quite like starting a new business to materialize a bold and innovative idea. However, building a startup can be fraught with many tricky challenges, and recruitment is key among them. Fear not—we’ve got plenty of recruitment tips to get your head in the right place. Carve Out...

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