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Are You a Good Manager or a Great One?

Are You a Good Manager or a Great One? - Summit Search Group - Staffing Agency Alberta

In a position of authority, it can be tempting to settle at a point where your methods are getting adequate results. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? This isn’t the best philosophy with which to approach your workplace. If you want your team to go above and beyond, you should too!

Engaging Employees

A manager who does a good job will give their employees the minimum that they need to stay motivated and actively involved in their work. However, a great manager goes above and beyond in this department. Engaging employees can mean a lot more than just making sure that they’re interested and focused enough to get things done on time. If you’re really excelling as a leader, you’re making your subordinates feel empowered enough to get creative with their workflow by making suggestions, taking risks, and thinking outside the box, not because you tell them to, but because you encourage and nurture their desire to.

Showing the Bigger Picture

When a good manager tells an employee that something has changed in the workplace, whether it’s a new rule, change in direction for a project, or a shift in authority, they will communicate this change clearly. Again, the subordinate will have the minimum amount of information they need in order to do what they’re expected to do. On the other hand, a great manager will take things a step further. They will convey the greater context for that change, including its causes and effects. This way instead of being left in the dark, the subordinate has a deeper understanding of how different factors affect one another throughout the company.

Thinking Ahead

If you’re a good manager, you’ll put a lot of energy towards shaping your workforce into the ideal team, encouraging improvement through things like reviews and incentives. If you’re a great one, you’ll take a far more proactive approach through smart recruitment. Great managers exercise more than due diligence when it comes to finding, assessing, and selecting the right candidates in the first place so that they won’t have to devote as much time and energy to the task of changing them. An intelligent hiring process can separate you from all the good managers and make you a great one!

Even if you’re a great manager, you need to ensure that you’re building a great team. This is what so much of the success and growth of your company depends on. We have the skills, experience, and connections to help you do exactly that, so call a Summit office near you today!