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Summit Search Group Expands Calgary Team; Meet David Sherjan

CALGARY, Nov. 14, 2018 – Canadian professional recruitment firm Summit Search Group announced this week that David Sherjan, a veteran recruitment consultant, has been appointed Senior Recruitment Consultant in the Calgary office.  As a Senior Recruitment Consultant, Sherjan will specialize in senior level searches in sales and management.   “Summit...

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Nominate a Future Leader of Manitoba!

On Thursday, January 24th, 2019 the Future Leaders of Manitoba (FLM) will be hosting the 11th Annual Awards & Reception to honour and recognize exceptional young Manitobans between who display strong leadership in their professional contributions, outstanding service in the community through volunteerism and advocate for Manitoba as a great...

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Summit Search Group Expands Winnipeg Team; Meet Jessica Willis New Recruitment Consultant

August 2018 We are pleased to announce the appointment of Jessica Willis as the latest addition to our national team of professional Recruitment Consultants, Jessica will be based within our Winnipeg office. Jessica is a highly qualified professional with over 15 years’ experience in building teams and driving organizational...

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Vacation days still going unused in Canada

Summit Search Group’s Gail Eckert comments on national news story with Erica Natividad on vacation days in Canada. Reposted from CityNews: “Despite the belief that they deserve more vacation time, most Canadians do not use all the vacation days they do have. The reasons vary from income to guilt, but...

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Industry Spotlight: Recruiting in IT

Industry Spotlight: Recruiting in IT - Summit Search Group - Staffing Agency Canada

Information technology is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world today. It evolves rapidly and requires an incredibly diverse range of skills. Recruiting in this field can be particularly competitive, so it’s important to know what it will take to develop a formidable team. Modernize Your Approach Everyone...

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Industry Spotlight: Recruiting in Sales

Industry Spotlight: Recruiting in Sales - Summit Search Group - Staffing Agency Canada

The success of any company depends significantly on the strength of its recruiting strategy. However, the specifics of recruitment aren’t necessarily the same across all industries. As part of a series on industry-specific recruitment tips, let’s start by taking a look at recruiting in sales. Consider Your Sources One...

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Understanding a Candidate-Driven Market

The recruitment process is a delicate balance between seeking out the right talent and ensuring that the right talent will come to you. Maintaining this balance requires an up-to-date philosophy, one which bears in mind just how much leverage candidates can have in the job market today. Candidate-Driven? Many...

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As a Jobseeker, Do You Need a Personal Website?

As a Jobseeker, Do You Need a Personal Website? - Summit Search group - Staffing Agency Canada

From large corporations to sole proprietorships, all kinds of commercial entities use websites to represent themselves online. They’re great for gaining a concise impression of the companies you apply to work for, but is it also necessary to create a website for yourself as a professional? Untapped Potential Hiring...

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3 Ways to Enhance Your Employer Brand

3 Ways to Enhance Your Employer Brand - Summit Search Group - Staffing Agency Canada

As an employer or recruiter, you know that good candidates present themselves in a way that demonstrates their fitness for the position you’re trying to fill. However, you’re probably also aware that how you present yourself to candidates is important too. Here are three key tips. Refine Your Online...

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Your Summer Job: Avoiding Common Mistakes

Your Summer Job: Avoiding Common Mistakes - Summit Search Group - Staffing Agency Canada

For many companies across various industries, the job market can get pretty busy during summer. This is especially true for seasonal work, most often filled by students or recent graduates. If this is you, there are plenty of common pitfalls that you should be sure to avoid! During Your...

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