Early Resolutions Officer

About Our Client: Our client is an independent oversight environment that investigates complaints from the public.
Position Scope:
Early Resolutions Officers act as the initial point of contact for complaints and are considered direct delegates of our client in this respect.  Complaints are dealt with by telephone, email, in person and in writing and in both official languages. Early Resolution Officers are responsible for conducting the intake of complaints, including: documenting them; identifying and analyzing issues; and providing appropriate referral information for complaints, which lie outside of our client’s mandate.  Each Early Resolutions Officer is expected to effectively manage a caseload of complaints using our client’s case management database and to conduct follow-up research and make inquiries on individual complaints, as appropriate. They will also attempt resolution of complaints through communicating with complainants and officials from the provincial government and its organizations and using a variety of conflict resolution strategies. Early Resolution Officers are also called upon to analyze complex cases and issues using the case assessment method, identify cases, which are appropriate for investigation and prepare files for investigation by the investigations and SORT teams. Early Resolution Officers may be called upon to conduct trends analysis to identify patterns in complaints and potential systemic issues and may be assigned to provide assistance during the conduct of investigations by the Investigations and SORT teams, including conducting research, reviewing documentation and attending at interviews with investigators.
Each Early Resolutions Officer reports to a Manager. Early Resolutions Officers work as part of a larger team and are expected to work collaboratively and maintain effective and constructive working relationships and communications with their colleagues in addition to members of the investigations and SORT teams.
Complaints Intake

  • Receives complaints and inquiries by mail, email, telephone or in person and obtains all relevant information by asking clarifying questions, requesting documentation where appropriate and conducting appropriate follow-up where necessary.
  • Uses a variety of effective communication skills to obtain relevant information from complainants via telephone or in person. This includes employing effective strategies to constructively obtain relevant information from persons who may be distressed or emotionally distraught or who face other challenges.
  • Assesses complaints to determine whether issues can be dealt with within our client’s mandate using an issue-based analysis and clearly and effectively communicates the rationale for this assessment verbally and in writing where required.
  • Determines appropriate referrals for complaints which are outside our client’s mandate or for which there are appropriate alternative avenues of recourse and clearly and effectively communicates information to complainants
  • Summarizes and clearly documents complaints using our client’s case management system and ensures that any paper files are properly documented and organized
  • Triages complaints, prioritizes and identifies next steps to attempt resolution
  • Flags exceptionally serious, sensitive or systemic complaints to management’s attention.

Issue Analysis, Research and Resolution Attempts

  • Reviews and analyzes complaints and identifies and frames issues for follow-up
  • Conducts appropriate research and makes focused inquiries in order to identify opportunities for potential resolution or to make appropriate recommendations on the disposition of complaints.
  • Identifies applicable legislation, regulations, policies or procedures and applies relevant portions to the issues identified in order to attempt resolution or to make appropriate recommendations on the disposition of complaints.
  • Uses the case assessment method to identify and analyze more complex, multi-faceted or systemic issues.
  • Communicates with complainants and government officials to attempt resolution of complaints, using a variety of conflict resolution strategies.
  • Consults with manager where appropriate on identification of issues, appropriate next steps and/or disposition of complaints.

Disposition of Complaints

  • Recommends appropriate disposition of complaints according to an evidence based analysis of the issues.
  • Prepares correspondence and other documentation, which clearly and cogently communicates the substance of the complaint, the issues that were dealt with by our client and its disposition of the complaint, along with a clear and cogent rationale for the assessment and disposition of the complaint. Correspondence and other communications must be easy to understand and reflect the appropriate tone and messages, which are consistent with the organizational direction of the agency.
  • Ensures that the disposition of complaints and the rationale for such is clearly and appropriately recorded in our client’s case management system.

Identification and Preparation of Files for Investigation

  • Identifies and brings forward potential systemic issues for consideration by the SORT for investigation –issues must be clearly identified and researched where appropriate.
  • Identifies complaints for investigation in a timely fashion using the case assessment method and in consultation with management.
  • Prepares complaints for referral to the investigations or SORT team, where appropriate, including preparing: a clear and cogent summary of the facts and issues; a detailed analysis of the issues including applicable legislation, policy, procedures etc; an explanation of resolution attempts and why resolution was not possible and a cogent rationale as to why an investigation is recommended.
  • Ensures that all proper background research has been conducted and appropriate attempts at resolution made before complaints are referred to investigations.
  • Ensures that files, which are referred for investigation are well documented and organized so that the investigation can proceed without delay.
  • Consults with investigators during the review and investigation of complaints referred for investigation and provides assistance as needed and approved by management.

Caseload and File Management 

  • Effectively manages a caseload of complaints, using a variety of strategies and ensures a timely and relevant response to all complaints assigned
  • Triages and prioritizes complaints as appropriate to ensure appropriate, timely and relevant responses
  • Immediately flags and brings forward exceptionally serious, sensitive and high profile complaints including systemic issues to management’s attention
  • Regularly ensures that timelines and deadlines are met and that all complaints are dealt with in a timely fashion without undue delay
  • Uses our client’s case management system to effectively manage caseload and to ensure complaints and case related activities are properly documented
  • Ensures paper complaint files are well documented and organized

Other Responsibilities

  • Prepares cases summaries for use in reports or for other purposes.
  • Analyses trends and patterns in complaints in order to identify potential systemic issues.
  • Summarizes complaint information and/or the results of the trends analyses for the purpose of briefing management and/or to assist the communications team in responding to media and other inquiries.
  • Shares information with colleagues on relevant complaint issues and trends including through informal briefings at team meetings.
  • Provides assistance as requested by management during the conduct of assessments and investigations by the Investigations and SORT teams, including conducting research, reviewing documentation and attending at interviews with investigators.
  • Other related duties as assigned by management.

Required Skills and Knowledge:

  • A high level of integrity and professional competence
  • Reliable and capable of being trusted to handle confidential, sensitive and personal information using the appropriate safeguards and discretion
  • Strong analytical capacity
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Excellent judgment, initiative and discretion
  • Ability to analyze and synthesize complaints, identify relevant individual and potential systemic issues, assess jurisdiction, and identify avenues for potential recourse
  • Ability to research, review and apply relevant legislation, regulations and policy
  • Ability to effectively resolve complaints using a variety of conflict resolution techniques and strategies
  • Ability to manage a high volume caseload, prioritize issues and tasks and meet deadlines
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills including the ability to effectively communicate with individuals who may be distressed or emotionally distraught or who may face other challenges
  • Strong computer proficiency
  • Knowledge of and/or experience in working with provincial government organizations including boards, tribunals and agencies is considered an asset
  • Experience using a complaints management database is considered an asset
  • Proficiency in oral and written communication in the English language is required
  • Proficiency in oral and written communication in French is considered an asset

Education and Experience:

  • Post-secondary education preferably in the social sciences or in a related field or an acceptable combination of education and experience
  • Minimum 2 years recent experience in providing intake, complaint handling and resolution services along with referral information
  • Minimum 2 years recent experience in the field of complaints and/or conflict resolution

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