Site Foreman – Langford, Victoria

This job description is based off the critical needs required on a multi-family construction site, wood frame, or a comparable work site location.


The Site Foreman position is classified as a full-time position with no less than 40 hours achieved weekly. The Site Foreman will work under the direction of the Site Superintendent for their assigned location. The Site Foreman will be responsible for assisting under the direction of the Superintendent the day to day operations for their assigned work site and will act as a representative of the company and as a liaison between the site, Head Office, sub-contractors, suppliers and governing authorities.


As the Site Foreman, you will be responsible for the following:

  • Assists and encourages all site employees, contractors, sub-contractors and/or visitors are adhering to company safety policies and safe work practices.
  • Maintain safe work environment meeting or exceeding government regulations.
  • Assists and under the direction of the Site Superintendent oversees the daily tasks assigned for work flow
  • Interpret and read drawings with respect to building design and monitor/review applicable updates or changes
  • Assists in the direction and supervision of site personnel [employees/subcontractors]
  • Under the direction of Site Superintendent assists with enforcement of project schedule, including quality control inspections through all stages of construction and project milestones.
  • Under the direction of Site Superintendent may assist in monitoring/reviewing and enforcing sub contractor scopes of work.
  • Assists in monitoring/maintaining and ordering/re-ordering of supplies/material throughout project to maintain schedule and productivity.
  • Review and monitor schedules and implement/enforce changes to accommodate project schedule.
  • Foresee and report any issues with respect to schedule, sub-contractors, workmanship or other to Site Superintendent.
  • Monitor and perform material take off’s
  • Assist Site Superintendent with monitoring utility installs


Days of Work: Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Friday and Saturdays if schedule requires.

[Except where statutory holidays or site closures apply]

Hours per day: Not less than 8 [not including rest periods {lunch/am/pm breaks}]

Breaks: 1 – 30 minute unpaid lunch break

2 – 15 minute paid breaks [1 break in morning and 1 break in afternoon]


All working hours are to be dedicated to the position. Personal use of computers and/or technology [company owned or personal devices {note pads/cell phones}] during working hours is strictly prohibited.

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Victoria, BC


$35 /hour


Categories:    Project Management    Other   

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Site Foreman – Langford, Victoria

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