At Summit Search Group, we understand that this industry is large and diverse, with a profound impact on our economy. But we know that a major challenge today is a projected shortage in skilled trade workers, which affects bidding on long-term projects. Further, the industry faces intense competition and high risks. But the payoff is tremendous for those who develop creative solutions. Success is due in large part to securing the right talent.

Construction projects consist of many team members, from owners, architects and engineers to sub-subcontractors and materials suppliers. Much depends on a company’s ability to attract, recruit and retain talented people. SSG has more than 20 years of experience identifying and acquiring top talent in construction, including supervisors who consistently achieve project objectives. We proactively peruse the marketplace, including passive candidates (those already working); use our extensive network to obtain referrals from people we trust; and employ social media to connect with professionals. We also work closely with our clients to ensure that they attract and retain this top talent.

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