Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology

Summit Search Group specializes in recruiting the highest calibre of talent for Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology firms.  Since our inception in 2000 we have forged very strong relationships with key decision makers within many well established global leading pharmaceutical organizations and we use our extensive contacts within this space to identify candidates who may be open to considering a new role.  Our ability to understand this highly technical and complex industry affords us unique and immediate access to top talent in regional and head office roles such as; Sales Professional and Regional Sales Manager, Medical Science Liaison, Product Manager, Government Relations, Clinical Affairs and more.

Patient needs are constantly evolving and pharmaceutical companies face several challenges today; limited access to care for patients; longer lifespans leading to a larger aged population; newly discovered rare diseases and epidemics; and more. There is more pressure than ever for companies to work harder and smarter as they continue to develop innovative ways to improve patients’ health.  Whether your organization is a well established global healthcare leader or an entrepreneurial biotech start-up, SSG can connect you with the top talent in your industry and in your market today.

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