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Executive Recruiting Trends for 2018 – And What’s Next

professional recruitment firm Vancouver

No matter what the state of the economy or how high or low the unemployment rate, businesses still face a significant challenge when recruiting executive talent. Even when the pool of available front-line workers rises, the talent pool for qualified executive candidates remains relatively small. There are only so...

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Managerial Tips to Keep Your Team Strong

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The strength of a group of employees depends on a many key dynamics. While our blog on company morale addressed an important component of this strength, it’s also useful to think in more general terms. Here are a few ways you can improve the overall integrity of your team....

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Recruitment: In-House vs. Agency

Recruitment: In-House vs. Agency - Summit Search Group - Recruitment Agency Canada

During the recruitment process, the goal is to find the right person for the position while using company time as efficiently and effectively as possible. How this is accomplished may differ between companies. The choice between undertaking recruitment in-house and through an agency is an important one, so we’ve...

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